Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
A glimpse of what you’ll find inside.
Samaria Twelve Houses Shifting Circle
In Samaria, angels raise their beautiful voices to intercede with the god Jovah on behalf of humans. Because their ancestors fled centuries ago from the violence of a war-torn planet, harmony is prized among all people. But sometimes the divine music of the angels is not enough to prevent conflict among mortals—and sometimes the god can’t even hear the angels singing.


Jovah's Angel
The Alleluia Files
Unrest plagues the land of Gillengaria as some of the twelve noble Houses whisper discontent about the king. Religious fanatics roam the land, persecuting and murdering mystics—rare individuals with magical abilities. To determine which Houses might turn traitor and which ones will stand with the crown, the king sends out a small band of four mystics and two of his most loyal soldiers, the Riders. The six travelers barely trust each other, let alone the nobles they encounter, but soon they discover unwelcome news: War is coming.

Mystic and Rider

The Thirteenth House
Dark Moon Defender
Reader and Raelynx
Fortune and Fate
Shape-shifters live among ordinary people in present-day America, hiding their existence from all but a few trusted friends and family members. As they switch between human and animal shapes, often without any control over the process, these shifters live short and precarious lives. Their loved ones fight desperately to remind them of their human natures—and to keep them safe in an increasingly hostile world.

The Shape of Desire

Still Life and Shape Shifter
The Turning Season
Elemental Blessings Uncommon Echoes Young Adult
Everyone in the country of Welce is affiliated with one of the five elements: air, water, fire, wood, and earth. Each element is associated with eight blessings, and every individual is graced at birth with three of these blessings, which offer them guidance and direction for their entire lives. Unless they cannot read the message behind their blessings…unless they reject their blessings…unless the blessing coins they draw are mysterious and blank…

Troubled Waters

Royal Airs
Jeweled Fire
Unquiet Land
Whispering Wood

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In the Kingdom of the Seven Jewels, many of the highest nobles are attended by one or two or three echoes—creatures who look exactly like them, who move with them in perfect synchronicity, but who have no thoughts or volition of their own. Centuries ago during wartime, the echoes were a gift from the triple goddess, who bestowed them as a way to keep nobles safe from constant attempts at assassination. But what if an echo wasn't always exactly as it appeared…?

Uncommon Echoes
In five young adult books, teenage girls learn about magic, secrets, dreams, the dangers of imperialism, and the wonders that lie beyond an open portal.

The Safe-Keeper's Secret

The Truth-Tellers Tale
The Dream-Maker's Magic
General Winston's Daughter
Short Fiction Standalone  
A selection of short stories and novellas, some of them connected to existing books and some set in entirely new worlds.

Angels and Other Extraordinary Beings

Shadows of the Past
"Can You Hear Me Now?"
"Fallen Angel"
"When Winter Comes"
"Bargain with the Wind"
"The Sorcerer’s Assassin"
"Wintermoon Wish"
"The Double-Edged Sword"
"The Unrhymed Couplets of the Universe"
"In the House of Seven Spirits"
"The Wrong Bridegroom"
“Not in This Lifetime”

What if an unscrupulous wizard could change animals into people and people into animals? Who would want to murder the women of two dramatically dissimilar religious sects? What would Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre look like if it was set in space? These standalone novels explore very different fantasy and science fiction worlds.

Shuddering City
Heart of Gold
Jenna Starborn
Summers at Castle Auburn
Wrapt in Crystal
The Shape-Changer's Wife
Shattered Warrior

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