Sharon Shinn
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Uncommon Echoes : Echo in Onyx, Echo in Emerald, Echo in Amethyst



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Echo in Amethyst
When she’s bored, the cruel and selfish Lady Elyssa tortures her echoes, the helpless creatures who look just like her and copy her every move. What she doesn’t know is that the pain has caused one of the creatures to gain consciousness and give herself the name Hope. Hope longs to free herself from her bond with Elyssa—and tell somebody that Elyssa is plotting with revolutionaries to overthrow the king. Only one person has figured out Hope’s secret, but he could be the most powerful ally in the kingdom.

Publishing history
Audible Original released in March 2019. Digital and trade paperback editions released in June 2019.

My favorite scene
That first dance! My heart!

Cast of Characters
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