Sharon Shinn
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Uncommon Echoes : Echo in Onyx, Echo in Emerald, Echo in Amethyst



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Echo in Emerald
Chessie lives by her wits in the royal city of Camarria, always attended by her two friends, Red and Scar. What no one knows is that Red and Scar are really echoes—creatures who look just like their original, though they have no will of their own. Chessie has learned to move between bodies so rapidly she can maintain the illusion that they are three separate people. But when someone tries to assassinate the crown prince, a high noble named Lord Dezmen begins investigating the crime. When Dezmen falls under attack, Chessie comes to his aid, and pretty soon she’s helping him track down clues to another murder. But then one day, a clue leads right back to Chessie.

Publishing history
Audible Original released in March 2019. Digital and trade paperback editions released in June 2019.

My favorite scene
I love each of the revelation scenes…the one on Counting Day, the one at the temple, and the one at the little house in Empara.

Cast of Characters
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