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Uncommon Echoes : Echo in Onyx, Echo in Emerald, Echo in Amethyst


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Cast of characters for Echo in Emerald


Chessie: a young woman who lives in the “Sweetwater” district of the royal city

Red and Scar: her echoes

Morrissey: one of Chessie’s professional acquaintances

JoJo: Morrissey’s partner

Dallie: a server at a tavern called Packrat

Jackal: a dangerous man who trades in information

Bertie: a man who works for Jackal

Pippa: a woman who works for Jackal

Halloran: Jackal’s chief rival

Trout: JoJo’s brother, a thug for hire

Covak: Trout’s partner

Orrin: Morrissey’s nephew

Malachi Burken: the king’s inquisitor

Nico Burken: Malachi’s nephew and apprentice inquisitor

Nadine Burken: Nico’s mother

Brianna: Nico’s fiancée, a seamstress

Angela: the former governess who raised Chessie

Lourdes: head housekeeper at the royal palace

Gina: a purveyor of recreational drugs

Eva Candleback: a jeweler

Curtis: one of her clerks

Ronin: another jeweler

Mallory: a priestess at a small temple in Alberta



Leffert: a low noble who was found murdered in the royal city

Wimble: a low noble who throws notorious parties

Trev, Jordie, Barton: lords who attend Wimble’s parties


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