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Uncommon Echoes
Uncommon Echoes : Echo in Onyx, Echo in Emerald, Echo in Amethyst
The History and the People.

The Kingdom of the Seven Jewels consists of seven provinces, each signified by a particular gemstone. The royal city of Camarria is based in the northeast corner of the nation, and most of the country is tied together by the Charamon Road. There is unrest brewing between the provinces on the eastern half of the country and those on the west. Across the ocean to the east lies the country of Ferrenlea, which is mostly friendly; across the mountain range to the north are other nations, which are mostly neutral. See the map of the region (here).

The seven provinces and their gemstones are:

Sammerly: garnet

Banchura: sapphire

Thelleron: citrine

Pandrea: opal

Alberta: amethyst

Empara: emerald

Orenza: onyx (red, black, white)

The royals who lead the country include:

Harold: the king

Tabitha Devenetta: the queen, Harold’s second wife, the mother of his daughter

Cormac: the king’s oldest legitimate son and heir

Jordan: the king’s second legitimate son

Annery: Harold and Tabitha’s daughter

Jamison: Harold’s bastard son

Edwin of Thelleron: the first king of the Seven Jewels (long dead)

Amanda: the first queen

The rest of the country is made up of five main social classes: high nobles, low nobles, merchants and professionals, the working class, and the persistent poor. People might marry up or down one level, but most try to stay within their class. People from all classes appear in all three books.


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