Sharon Shinn
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Uncommon Echoes : Echo in Onyx, Echo in Emerald, Echo in Amethyst


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Cast of characters for Echo in Onyx


Garvin Andolin: governor of the province of Orenza

Lady Dorothea: his wife

Marguerite: his daughter

Patience, Purpose, and Prudence: Marguerite’s echoes

Elyssa: from the province of Alberta

Cali: from Alberta

Leonora, Letitia, and Lavinia: triplets from Banchura

Deryk: from the province of Banchura

Dezmen: from the province of Pandrea; a close friend to the princes

Darrily: Dezmen’s sister

Vivienne: from Thelleron; Cormac’s former fiancée


Brianna: An innkeeper’s daughter, maid to Lady Marguerite

Jean: Brianna’s aunt

Nico Burken: an apprentice inquisitor

Taeline: a priestess in the temple of the triple goddess

Constance: housekeeper to governor Andolin

Rory: a footman in the Andolin house

Del Morson: the head inquisitor in Orenza

Lourdes: the head housekeeper at the palace in the royal city

Malachi Burken: the king’s inquisitor and Nico’s uncle

Chessie: an acquaintance of Nico’s


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