Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Young Adult Novels: The Safe-Keeper's Secret, The Truth-Teller's Tale, The Dream-Maker's Magic, General Winston's Daughter, Gateway

troubled waters

barnes & noble

“Shinn's … fantasy finds the right balance between adventure and romance, while illuminating how seductive evil can be.”—Publisher’s Weekly

Adopted from China and raised in St. Louis, Daiyu is a teenage girl who one day steps under the Arch—and finds herself in an alternate version of her familiar city where almost everyone is Chinese. She has been brought here by mysterious strangers to help them bring down the corrupt ruling government, but to do so, she must play a dangerous part among the elite members of this society. Very quickly she learns to trust no one except a young man named Kalen. He will help her carry out her plans and then find her way back home—but she is not so sure that, when her task is over, she’ll be able to leave Kalen behind.

Publishing history:
Hardcover published in October 2009.

Interesting tidbit:
I was about halfway through the first draft when I heard Van Halen’s “Love Comes Walking In” on the radio. It is the absolutelyperfect soundtrack for this story. Although the other perfect soundtrack is fireworks, which a friend of mine discovered when she read the manuscript over Fourth of July.

My favorite scene:
The final chapter. Every single detail from the entire book was included just so I could write those last few pages.


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