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Turning Seasons
Stand Alone Novels: Heart of Gold, Jenna Starborn, Summers at Castle Auburn, Wrapt in Crystal, The Shape-Changer's Wife, Quatrain, Shattered Warrior

troubled waters

barnes & noble

“Shinn puts her romantic and graceful turn of phrase to retelling Jane Eyre…Shinn’s SF take on a great romantic tale succeeds wildly well.”—Booklist

Jenna Starborn
Jane Eyre retold as a science fiction tale. Jenna is created in the gen tanks, repudiated by the woman who commissioned her, educated in a scientific school, and employed as a nuclear technician on a remote, lonely planet. There she falls in love with the brusque and changeable owner of a mining estate—but he has hidden away a wife who is not so much mad as broken.

Publishing history:
Published as a trade paperback in 2002 and mass market paperback in 2003.

Interesting tidbit: 
Can you tell I’ve memorized Jane Eyre? I know it so well I didn’t even have to consult the original any time I was writing my own version.

My favorite scene: 
Chapter Four, when Jenna and Everett Ravenbeck have a long conversation about philosophy and faith.


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