Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Samaria: Archangel, Jovah's Angel, The Alleluia Files, Angelica, Angel-Seeker

troubled waters

barnes & noble


“Shinn's appealing scenario is carefully worked out and persuasively peopled.”—Kirkus Reviews

Jovah's Angel
More than a hundred years after the time of Rachel and Gabriel, Samaria is in deep turmoil. Charismatic Archangel Delilah has been injured and forced to give up her position, and she has been replaced by shy, uncertain Alleluia. What’s worse, ungovernable storms are sweeping across the country, and the god never seems to hear the angels’ pleas to abate the bad weather. Unless those prayers are offered by the new Archangel...

Publishing history
Published as a trade paperback in 1997 and a mass market paperback in 1998. Also available in British and German editions. Cover artist John Jude Palencar was nominated for a Chesley Award for the artwork.

Interesting tidbitt
What I find intriguing about this book is that there’s no villain. There’s no power struggle between ambitious individuals. It’s all about man vs. the environment, with a healthy dose of man vs. faith.

My favorite scene
Alleya’s second trip to Jehovah and their discussion about religion.


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