Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Stand Alone Novels: Shuddering City, Heart of Gold, Jenna Starborn, Summers at Castle Auburn, Wrapt in Crystal,
The Shape-Changer's Wife
, Quatrain, Shattered Warrior

troubled waters

barnes & noble

“These are four great fantasy novellas that showcase the talent of a wonderful author. It’s a sin if you have not read Sharon Shinn.” Genre Go Round Reviews

The four novellas in Quatrain are set in worlds I’ve created for Archangel, Heart of Gold, Summers at Castle Auburn, and Mystic and Rider. “Flight” follows a former angel-seeker who used to be in love with the Archangel Raphael and now is determined to keep her beautiful niece from making her same mistakes. “Blood” is the story of a fierce young gulden man who comes to the city to seek his mother, whom he hasn’t seen since he was a boy and she ran away from his abusive father. In “Gold,” a crown princess escapes the hazards of war by hiding among the fairylike aliora, where she encounters an altogether different sort of danger. And in “Flame,” the mystic Senneth uses her magic to save a little girl, an act that wins her new friends but puts her own life at risk.

Publishing history:
Hardcover published in 2009. Paperback published in 2010.

Interesting tidbits:
While these four stories take place in radically different worlds, a lot of little details tie them together. For instance, the titles roughly correspond to the four elements; all four open with an almost identical sentence. And a few other things like that. If I could have managed it, I’d have made each story the same number of words, but that proved to be impossible! I loved revisiting my old worlds, and the collection was a lot of fun to write.


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