Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Young Adult Novels: The Safe-Keeper's Secret, The Truth-Teller's Tale, The Dream-Maker's Magic, General Winston's Daughter, Gateway

troubled waters

barnes & noble

“This book…is thoughtful, warmhearted, and a sheer delight to read.”—Scholastic

The Safe-Kepper's Secret
In a world where Safe-Keepers guard secrets, Truth-Tellers proclaim the truth, and the Dream-Maker can grant wishes, Fiona and Reed grow up knowing their own lives are full of mystery. Is Reed the illegitimate son of the king? Will Fiona become a Safe-Keeper like her mother? Both of them have secret desires, but not until the Dream-Maker comes to town do their wishes begin to come true.

Publishing history:
Hardcover published in 2004, paperback in 2005. Named to the ALA list of Best Books for Young Adults.

Interesting tidbit:
One of my nephews was spending the night with me when he was pretty young, and he got scared after I put him to bed. I gave him "magical sleeping kisses" to help him fall asleep—and then for days I was haunted by that phrase and that image. How might those be turned around when the caregiver was old and close to death? Both situations make it into the book.

My favorite scene:
The final chapters of the book are like the finale of a fireworks display with one bright revelation after another. But I probably like the opening chapter as much as any I’ve ever written.


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