Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Shifting Circle: The Shape of Desire, Still Life With Shape Shifter, The Turning Season

troubled waters

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“Sharon Shinn affirms why over the past decade she has been one of the subgenre’s great romantic fantasists.”—SFRevu

The Shape of Desire
Maria Devane has loved Dante Romano since she met him. But he’s a man with a secret: He’s a shape-shifter who spends an increasing amount of time in animal form. Or so he tells her—in the fifteen years they’ve been together, she’s never actually seen him take another shape. She tries not to wonder if that’s the truth. She tries not to think about the other reasons he might disappear for weeks at a time. But she has to start asking herself extremely hard questions when there’s a series of brutal murders in town and the most likely culprit is someone who is half animal, half human.

Publishing history
Hardback published in April 2012, paperback in 2013. Publisher’s Weekly selected it as one of the best science fiction/fantasy books of 2012.

Interesting tidbit
I’m a huge fan of Dante Rossetti, the artist from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood for whom my hero is named. I have about a dozen art books featuring PRB paintings and biographies, and I have made pilgrimages to museums where PRB works are being shown. A copy of Rossetti’s Proserpine hangs in my guest room—I always thought it would have made a great alternate cover for The Shape-Changer’s Wife.

My favorite scene
The second flashback, where you learn how Dante and Maria met—and why he fell in love with her.

All the songs Maria listens to on her drive to Kansas City.


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