Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Shifting Circle: The Shape of Desire, Still Life With Shape Shifter, The Turning Season

troubled waters

barnes & noble


“A triumphant tale of love and loss…The everyday relationships shine with even more wonder than the magic.”—Publisher’s Weekly

Still Life With Shape Shifter
Melanie Landon has spent most of her life concealing the fact that her younger sister, Ann, is a shape-shifter. So when reporter Brody Westerbrook shows up at her door armed with the truth and saying he wants to write a book about these magical creatures, she’s terrified. But soon Melanie has even more to worry about—Ann, who has been missing, returns with a shape-shifter boyfriend in tow. It’s also clear that Ann is very sick—and Melanie has no idea how to save her life.

Publishing history
Hardback published in October 2012, paperback in 2013.

My favorite scene
The dinner party where Brody, Melanie, and Melanie’s friends discuss their “super powers”…and then the following scene where Brody uses his super power and discovers a powerful secret.

Interesting tidbit
I actually have one of those little ceramic banks that look like houses, and it’s filled with half-dollars and silver dollars and the occasional pre-1964 silver dime. Brody’s story about finding the key is actually my own story. And my own super power is the ability to disentangle any knot in any necklace.

If you asked Brody, he’d say Def Leppard’s “Tonight.” But Melanie knows it’s Rascal Flatts’ “I Won’t Let Go.” Janet and Cooper have their own theme song, the Eagles’ “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”


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