Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Young Adult Novels: The Safe-Keeper's Secret, The Truth-Teller's Tale, The Dream-Maker's Magic, General Winston's Daughter, Gateway

troubled waters

barnes & noble

“Enough wild confusion to rival Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedies. Irresistible.”—Booklist

The Truth-Teller's Tale
Not only are innkeeper’s daughters Adele and Eleda mirror twins in appearance, but one is a Safe-Keeper, and one is a Truth-Teller. They use their skills to keep themselves and their friend Roelynn out of trouble—until one summer when a dancing instructor and his apprentice come to town, and secrets and truths get all mixed up with dreams and romance.

Publishing history:
Hardcover published in 2005, paperback in 2006. It was named a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age and made it onto the 2006 Bank Street Children’s Book List.

Interesting tidbit:
I cannot tell you how many hours I spent trying to create palindromic names for my main characters. Try it yourself—it’s really difficult to come up with something that sounds realistic but fantastical both backward and forward.

My favorite scene:
The one in Roelyn’s kitchen when Eleda speaks that heart-stopping truth. Although I also very much like the Summermoon Festival with Gregory.


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