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Turning Seasons
Shifting Circle: The Shape of Desire, Still Life With Shape Shifter, The Turning Season

troubled waters

barnes & noble


“The challenges of living as a shape-shifter are fascinatingly depicted in this compelling fantasy story… This series has continued to raise the bar as it evolves.”—Night Owl Reviews

The Turning Season
Karadel Baylor is a shape-shifter who can’t control when she’ll change shapes or what she’ll turn into. She lives a quiet life, working as a vet in a rural Midwestern clinic, surrounded by friends of the human and shape-shifting variety. Then one night, two things happen. Her best friend, Celeste, makes an enemy of a small-town trouble-maker, and Karadel meets an attractive human man who doesn’t know her secret. While Celeste’s life could be in danger, Karadel’s heart most definitely is—and if either of the men discover that the women are shape-shifters, life could get very risky very fast. It’s hardly a surprise when one person is murdered—and it’s soon a race to make sure no one else ends up dead.

Publishing history
Hardback published in November 2014, paperback in 2015.

My favorite scene
All of Chapter Six, where Joe comes out to visit Karadel at the clinic for the first time. 

Interesting tidbit
When Karadel is trying to name the puppy by coming up with names that begin with J, she lists three main characters from three of my previous books.

For Karadel, Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter than the Sun.” For Joe, Blake Shelton’s “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking?”


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