Sharon Shinn
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Samaria: Archangel, Jovah's Angel, The Alleluia Files, Angelica, Angel-Seeker


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“With an expert blend of drama, pathos, and humor; an utterly original setting; an exciting and tender love story; and characters the reader will embrace, this novel is a truly spectacular work of literary fiction.”—Romantic Times

Elizabeth has arrived at the new angel hold of Cedar Hills, determined to improve her lot in the world by seducing an angel and bearing his baby. To her surprise, she learns that she might be able to earn her keep instead by becoming a healer. Meanwhile, one of the Cedar Hills angels, Obadiah, has been sent by the Archangel Gabriel to try to make peace with the quarrelsome Jansai tribes. Obadiah unexpectedly meets and falls in love with a rebellious Jansai girl named Rebekah, who would be put to death if her family knew she was seeing an angel. Everything changes one fateful day when Elizabeth, Rebekah, and Obadiah all come together.

Publishing history
Published in hardcover in 2004 and as mass market paperback in 2005. Won the 2004 Reader’s Choice Award from the Romantic Times for Best Science Fiction Novel. 

Interesting tidbit
This is my favorite of the Samaria books. I originally planned to have a Jansai-angel romance as a subplot in Angelica, but that book was already so long that I knew it wouldn’t fit.

My favorite scene
Two, actually. I love the scene where Elizabeth first takes the angel David as her lover, because it’s so tawdry and unromantic, and because it shows how much willpower she has (if only she could turn it to better uses!) And then, of course, the single and very brief scene where Elizabeth, Obadiah, and Rebekah are all on stage at the same time.


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