Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Stand Alone Novels: Shuddering City, Heart of Gold, Jenna Starborn, Summers at Castle Auburn, Wrapt in Crystal,
The Shape-Changer's Wife
, Quatrain, Shattered Warrior

heart of gold

barnes & noble

“Extraordinary. Science fiction of the highest caliber.”—Midwest Book Review

Heart of Gold
Two races—the matriarchal indigo and the patriarchal gulden—uneasily co-exist in a single shared metropolis. Nolan, a young indigo male, loves his job working in a biological lab, though he knows he will soon be called home to his family estates to marry his longtime fiancee. Everything in his life changes when he meets Kitrini, a high-caste indigo woman who has defiantly thrown her lot in with the gulden. Issues of class, culture, gender, prejudice, loyalty, and honor shape their choices when Nolan and Kitrini realize that he holds the knowledge that could save the life of the man Kitrini has always loved.

Publishing history:
Published as a trade paperback in 2000 and mass market paperback in 2001.

Interesting tidbit:
I love the romantic cover on the trade paperback (move your mouse over the image to the left to see it), but the mass market, with the more sf-themed cover, was more appealing to readers.

My favorite scene: 
The long train ride, which is both a physical and emotional journey into unfamiliar territory.


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