Sharon Shinn
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Turning Seasons
Elemental Blessings : Troubled Waters, Royal Airs, Jeweled Fire, Unquiet Land, Whispering Wood

troubled waters

barnes & noble

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 “When it comes to vividly layered characters and detailed world building, Shinn is a master at her craft.”—RT Book Reviews

Royal Airs
Until five years ago, Princess Josetta was the most likely heir to the throne of Welce. But King Vernon’s death exposed many long-held secrets—including the fact that the king sired only the youngest of his four daughters. Now that she’s technically not royalty, Josetta has decided to be true to her elay heritage and live a life aligned with air and spirit. So she’s opened a shelter in the southside slums where she can offer refuge to the poor, the sick, and the desperate.

One night, one of those desperate souls is her sister Corene, who’s escaped the advances of a would-be seducer only to get lost in the slums. She finds an unexpected champion in a gambler named Rafe, who keeps her safe until Josetta arrives. Rafe seems like just another down-on-his-luck drifter, and yet something about him catches Josetta’s attention. Maybe it’s his kindness. Maybe it’s the air of mystery he can’t quite conceal. Because in a city where everyone is defined by their affiliations with air, fire, earth, wood, or water, Rafe identifies with none of the elements. When he goes to a temple to draw blessings, he pulls only ghost coins. His heritage is a blank—but Josetta senses that his future will be colorful indeed.

Publishing history
Change publishing history to: Hardback published in 2013, paperback in 2014.

Interesting tidbit
When I saw Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy accept her documentary Oscar in 2012, I instantly said, “That’s what Josetta would be wearing at fancy palace events!” Here’s a link: Isn’t it gorgeous? The Pakistani designer is Bunto Kazmi. 

If you want to learn the card game penta, which several characters play during the Elemental Blessings books, click HERE.

Favorite scene
Rafe’s first adventure in an aeromotive. Though I also love all the card games and would dearly love to play a game of penta.


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