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Web update July 2023

I have exciting news! This fall, Fairwood Press is publishing my new book, Whispering Wood. Yes, this is the one people have asked me about for so long—the fifth in the Elemental Blessings series, the hunti story. And the main character is a bit of a surprise, since she’s someone readers haven’t met before. She’s Valentina Serlast, Darien’s reclusive younger sister, who has somewhat unwillingly traveled to Chialto to see her brother crowned king.
Whispering Wood

The book will be published as a trade paperback. It will also be available anywhere in the world as an e-book, on most e-book platforms. You can pre-order it here and save $3, or read more about it here on my website.

The book officially will be out in November, but copies will be available at the World Fantasy Convention, which will be held October 26-29 in Kansas City. Coincidentally, I will also be at the convention, so I’ll be on hand to sign your copy (or any of my other books you might happen to have!)

While you wait for Whispering Wood to come out, please drop by my Facebook page, where I draw and post blessings every Monday morning. You’re invited to draw your own and share them with everyone else. We can all use more blessings!


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