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Turning Seasons
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Web update May 2018
A long overdue update!

-The big news is that I’ve just sold a trilogy to for its “Audible Originals” line. This means the books will be exclusively available on audio for three months before print and digital versions are available. The first one, Echo in Onyx, ought to come out in February or March 2019 (though that could change!) and we’re still discussing how quickly to put out the next two after that. Those are currently titled Echo in Emerald and Echo in Amethyst.

A brief synopsis: In the Kingdom of Seven Jewels, high nobles are frequently born with echoes, creatures who appear identical to them, who mimic their every move and expression. But echoes have no independent thought or motion of their own. They are considered gifts from the triple goddess, who created them generations ago when war and murder put every noble’s life in danger; when assassins could not be sure which identical body was the true lord or lady, many fewer deaths occurred. Now, echoes are primarily a symbol of wealth and status, and no noble has more than three. But sometimes, echoes are not exactly what they seem…

I’ll share details (and covers) when I know more. But I’m really excited about this venture!

-The second bit of news also concerns The audio version of Summers at Castle Auburn is now available. Click here to go to the site.: Great cover, yes?

-Third, I’ll be at World Fantasy Convention November 1-4 in Baltimore. You can find more information about the con here: Hope to see some of you there!

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